Courthouse Tues 24th – jonathan

News 24 August 2010 | 0 Comments

Howya…. just listened back to the sound recording….. yippeeeeeee it worked,
we have some really interesting results…. I might have to break with what I had originally decided and slightly Alter the sound… I’m thinking of just playing the sound twice,
once forwards and once backwards and combining the two, crossing them over each other so to speak… the crisscrossing lines of the string and the crossed wires of the last weeks events is the inspiration, we’ll see what happens out of it… if it works great, if not we have a great recording anyway…. the idea of using the recorder as a camera capturing sounds worked too…. I’d like to do it again as I’m sure I could get better at it……
this is great!

sounds abound all around….

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