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Well week 3 has come to a close as we are not working sun and mon,  – the space has been messy, cleaned,messy, cleaned and now messy again! But of most interest to Jonathan and i as we finished up today was the build up of objects in the cornor – or as jonathan has named ‘that which has come in on the tide’, washed upis this our ‘exhibition’ that word that has now become so loaded and loathed by us (or some) …
Anyways it was a calm and busy day that saw a good few visitors and some great sounds jonathanthat have been recorded.  Your sign Emma was sacredly burnt by jonathan and its ashes used on the floor – he will be emailing you on it just to make sure you ok 🙂 
Am really curious about these mining stories that jonathan and i are developing, together with the image of coal and ashes … death and moths. Jonathan also created some great sketches on the wooden floor with the dust of the charcoal, some are linked by the holes in the floor – linking our mining stories and that of the doll.
charcoal drawing on floorcharcoal drawing on floorI have placed dominics two drawings on the floor as you enter into both spaces (downstairs & upstairs) i want to see the tracks people make on them – this is also an experiment of an idea i might try later with coal and chalk dust at doors, so people can leave their impressions on the floor of their journey in the space for us.drawings on floor
Have taken all the string off the words and placed some of the string on the tree outside, have left the remaining string at the base of the tree should anyone wish to tie their own on.   
Am very very tired and starting to really resent doing this blogg at the end of the day.  However i know it will have value down the line, so i will keep mining away at it 🙂 All other bloggs really really welcome …. takes pressure off this magmoth 🙂

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  1. emma says:

    Hello to you all…

    Today I have woken with a very clear decision that from now on my engagement with the project is only with the community engagement aspect of it… I am not enjoying the process and have to be honest… I am more than happy to work with anyone outside of the project, but I am struggling with aspects that are too complex to put into words… I suppose if I go back to my original statement regarding this project, about realizing the importance of including and working with the community as my corner stone, my decision today is understandable and very clear to me…

    I will put the energy I have into a fully booked Tuesday painting hand puppets (which I will make today)with the mums and tots, plus clay sculpting with the older kids and any adults due in on Tues too… I will also direct my energy into the Active Retirement group as they have expressed a desire to create their own sculpture…I totally support the project as it continues to fruition and where you wish to take it as artists…

    Many thanks emx

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