Courthouse Residency – Maggie – Reflection

News 14 September 2010 | 0 Comments

So our residency has come to an end and the exhibition is installed and open to the public, until Oct 8th.  Its been 6 weeks of many highs and many lows but with great learning and a huge outpouring of creative thought and energy as well as some great work. The artist each reflected on the process and their thoughts are now part of the exhibition in the form of an audio installation, i would encourage you , if you have 16mins to spare some day, to call into the courthouse and listen as they make some important observations.  My own reflection on the process i summed up as follows at the opening on sun (12 sept) and wish to share it with you now.  The true reflection of the process will hopefully come in our work over the next year or so and will have a lasting impact.

Reflection:  This space, one month to alter.  Being present each moment.  Words caught in dry cavities.  Heavy, wooden, confronting.  Words. Words. Words.  The limitations of our human minds.  Misunderstandings.  Stories caught by a thread.  I will forget – I will forget – Leave me a memory.  Mining through chalk and coal, searching for ways out and ways back. Attic moths, dusty prints falling from wings.  Nostril floorboards the only sign of life.   Confrontation, rejection, hiding, hidden. Spying.  Washing an old love one last time.  Remembering – remembering.  Remember, remember, remember.  Dust in the air and gone.

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