Courthouse Fri 20 – Emma

News 21 August 2010 | 0 Comments

I just loved your figures so much I peeled them off the floor yesterday and put them on the wall with masking tape! I hope this was ok.. they look beautiful.. I would frame them and have them on my wall at home (if I had one big enough!!.. could cut it up, but that would be a shame!!)

So, I am delighted at the prospect of seeing your series of drawings…
Admission time everyone!!!!Emma's clean space
I had a housekeeping moment today in the peace of the place, as I was alone making a ton load of mess!!!..  I had wood shavings, and wood everywhere from the jigsaw and drill, and paint .. in short I trashed the place in the centre…and so I own up to being one of a couple of us who swept it up… YES i did clean up.. SO sorry everyone!!! I know the urge was felt by others too, but they wanted the authenticity of a working studio… I even made a banner yesterday saying “this in not an exhibition, it is a working studio!”… and here I am now to owning up to a clean up!!!!  But along with cleaning up my total chaos I continued on up onto the floor of the stage…
There’s always one in a group… sorry… Maybe it opens up the space for new energy to come in…!?! Maybe not…..
Your graffittee is still on the wall Dominic tho… but I was intrigued when Owen was hoovering he left a line on the wall where the suction went and I found my self exploring your piece (Which I love and hope it stays for the exhibition..) with the hoover end… The charcoal actually can be hovered off the wall!!! So I got engrossed in trying to find the letters to ‘forget’ by highlighting them which I didn’t really do… but its fascinating to hoover the letters… Maybe hovering the wall could be performed at the opening as a performance!

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