Audience reflection on Savage/Love performed Sunday Aug 10th 2008 in the Chapel at Brooklodge well & Spa, Maccreddin Village Co Wicklow.



Brilliant evening of entertainment and really great to be afforded an opportunity to be actively involved.  The lasting impact is so much more.  I really welcome the development of encouraging audience participation.  Well done look forward to next outing.


A very interesting and enjoyable evening, much success in the future.  Would be very interested in seeing more of your work.


Excellent evening, this was art thought about, reflected on, enjoyed, a lot of emotions experienced tonight – will take a lot away with me, an enriching experience. Thank you for your creativity and energy.


Fantastic and most scariest play I have ever seen – as is love!  Loved the flow of acting.


Mad stuff! Different and fresh.  Didn’t know what to expect, crowd not pressured or made uncomfortable.  Excellent acting – swing onwards and upwards!


A very interesting theatrical experience. It is always very difficult to achieve audience participation and I feel that this was not fully achieved tonight.  However ‘absurd’ the dialogue tonight it was an experience that made me think.


Well done.  Great fun loved the interaction. Super acting. Please lets have more. Congratulations to all.


A stream of conscious gone hay-wire with curious results!


I am a young French actor in Ireland to prepare to play in the Shadow of the Glen.  So happy to share this alive dramatic experiment with you … continue to make people smile!


Entertaining Extremes … Thank you.  Keep smiling as the mirrors move!

Audience knowing a few people increases performance of as barriers safer.


Loved the show.  Funny and poignant .. remembering forgotten embarrassments. One or two moments when couldn’t hear clearly – group movements. Love to see it again.


Thank you for a fun evening. Loved participation and love to see performances in new venues and outside urban centres.  Enjoyed being involved and meeting new people.  Was impressed with actors ability to create great tension, sorrow, humour etc.  thought interaction with audience beforehand helped to ‘warm-up’ audience.  Congratulations


I really liked the way you interacted with the audience it was real chaotic which I thought fitted good with the theme.  The entrance was good and you also made it clear when everything started.  I am from Amsterdam so it was hard for me to understand it all but I think I managed to follow it entirely I’m glad I was in Ireland because I would not want to have missed it.


Beautiful people and beautiful and great sense of feeling each other, respecting each others timing and space.  Really funny, wacky and unpredictable.  The way of communicating the poems made you listen very carefully.  The mingling in the beginning was a nice and soft way of starting it all.  The dramatic/feeling parts were a bit similar to each other .. like solo’s. Maybe try to use the same approach as in the fun bits so it doesn’t have such a heavy atmosphere.


Universal story. A piece of everybody present.  The poems are fantastic. A perfect capture, rendering, execution, portrayal of the road we travel in love to marriage.


A little chaotic at times. I loved the I’m saved song. You all harmonised beautifully and are genii at managing organised chaos.  The best of luck in the future it is a brilliant play and you carried it off although it can be a bit blurred.  The first bit is like looking back and the rest is in the present.  The middle bit where people are asked to act was very interesting. Amazing how a piece written for one man can suit 5 women so well.

O daughter of mine where did we get you.  How come there never was any of this in our family.  Hope you go on to great acclaim. (Maggie’s Dad)


This was absolutely great.  The tension which was built up was very intense.  All of you know what love really is about! Great entertainment on a Sunday evening.  Bravo for Rachel’s performance in particular! Audience were in the swing of it by the end.  Is Ireland ready for this ??? Well done Maggie for your innovation.


I liked the change of pace the rise and fall of emotion. I liked the music especially Rachel’s voice. I liked having just women They come over stronger without men ( although I have nothing against men!)


Well played and well thought out, bring it on the road.


Well done even without a structure – or perhaps I’m just stupid and missed it!


Loved it, who needs men? Great tale in the church tonight , go Maggie and friends.


Very good – anything for a free drink! Hope it works out for ye all.


Well done enjoyed the audience participation and the venue.


Great fun.  Could spend hours talking about everything, and probably will.  Bit obscure at times as to where it was going but please do another one.


I really liked it mostly I don’t like experimental things but this was very nice. Sorry for my English I am from Holland.


Sarah – was it really your soul I saw reflected in your sky blue eyes dancing deep, or was it that actor that you keep, with a million promises for to sell for cheap!


Like the concept of the working audience – take it further.  Good use of venue and audience bits and pieces.  Audience having poems is a good idea.  People might participate more if they understood a little more about the format/play/purpose of evening.


Well done spidercat and Cliff!  Great things to see in the everyday!


Speaking arrangement – great.  Programme – great idea.  Proseco – lovely.  Lovely night, thank you all.


Cant wait to see the full show.  The poems were beautiful and all you girls were great, it’s a real art.


Good work, few lulls but generally worked well and audience participation was fun.


When you Maggie are in full flow in a play and you make eye contact for a time you almost make me feel uncomfortable, like in Bunclody in Troy and in the courthouse recently.  Well done for getting where you are and wish you all the best.


Going very much in the right direction.  Very good in parts. Well done


Very good run up to the show, good idea to make people discuss poems amongst each other to set the scene.


I liked the mix of performers and the audience participation, there is something casual about it but at the same time entertaining.  Also the game between what is performed and what is functional performance. 


Great fun – didn’t feel threatened as you all gave so much of yourselves. Great acting and showed how facial expressions are everything!